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Monday, January 31, 2011

Being Creative Restoring My Soul

Happy Monday,

It's been a while since I felt that way... I'm doing so much better since taking this time for myself & working thru things with the help of Brave Girls Soul Restoration online course (already halfway thru the 6 week class).  Melody Ross is a fantastic teacher - making tough topics easy to understand in a highly visual way.  This is no boring self help class - incorporating the creative aspect really makes a huge difference.  There are many videos filled with artsy techniques for painting, texture, Mod Podge, etc.

I told my son that "I feel like the truths are now Mod Podged it into my heart, mind and soul". 

Here's a page I created during the class

 I am already looking forward to part 2 of Soul Restoration in June.  Melody & Kathy will be offering part 1 again in April -I encourage you to sign up -  it is a great investment in YOU.  All details here.

My son & I went to Ikea on Saturday just to look around.  We love their storage/organizing items.   Fueling up for the walk thru the showroom by eating lunch of  their meatballs & mashed potatoes. Yum.

While looking for some cooking utincels I stumbled upon these cake decorating templates that I thought would be great to use with texture mediums, spray inks or paint.  At only  $0.99  it's worth the shot.

I'll play around with them & post a review for you soon.

Thanks so much for visiting & hope you have a blessed week.